Which is better?

Refraction is the part of the eye exam when vision is tested, and a glasses prescription is determined. For many patients, this can be frustrating or even nerve-wracking! At Triton eye Care, we use the latest automated vision testing equipment. This eases the testing procedure and minimizes the decisions you need to make during the exam. Many of the traditional choices, “which is better, one or two,” are replaced with simultaneous images being displayed to make your choice. In other words, you don’t have to remember what “choice one” looks like when comparing it to “choice two,” they are both seen at the same time!


Bring Your Glasses

Now, the thing about automated vision testing is sometimes it can be too accurate. While one may test the same way each time, the resultant prescription can be uncomfortable due to familiarity with one’s current prescription. This can especially be true with astigmatism correction. Therefore, please be sure to bring all of your current pairs of glasses to your exam, even if you don’t like the vision through one or all of them. The prescription in your glasses will be read by our equipment so a comparison can be made with your test results, and a determination can be made by Dr. Morgan to give you your best possible visual outcome. Your finest, most comfortable vision is our goal for your new prescription. Of course, if any underlying conditions that may limit vision are found during your exam, they will be thoroughly explained.